6 sentences with 'upset'

Example sentences and phrases with the word upset and other words derived from it.

« Shortly thereafter his father, already upset that he was not arriving at the promised time, drove past the house where his son had gone. It was completely dark. »
« Unpredictable and unmotivated, accidents upset our faith in a world of order, and destroy our belief in reason and in the endeavor to accomplish something. »
« One afternoon she was very upset because some of her classmates had offended a little girl. »
« -Darling, I'm so sorry! -I didn't mean to upset you. I wanted you to enjoy your family. »
« "Anyone who risks an extramarital affair is crying out for help," says psychologist Patricia Krantzler. "In that case, the person first has to find out why he or she feels upset and dissatisfied with him or herself. Only then can they strive to build a better relationship with their spouse." »
« We are at home on Earth. Perhaps we should make more of an effort to take care of it, not to upset its delicate, incredible balance, not to damage this gigantic mirror of our life, unique, unrepeatable. »

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