7 sentences with 'security'

Example sentences and phrases with the word security and other words derived from it.

« He had sailed with us through the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, giving us security and companionship, as well as good luck. »
« Threatening your partner's sense of emotional security will only have negative effects, and you will not feel good yourself. »
« When Treholt's request was received, Norway's security establishment and several cabinet ministers panicked. They were already beginning to suspect that he was a Russian agent, but there was not yet sufficient evidence to arrest and convict him immediately. They resolved to admit it. »
« The police of the Norwegian security system already accompanied him everywhere. »
« But there are also Astrid Behlich and Wolfgang Richter, an immigration officer stationed in Rostock, as well as some of the shelter's security staff and about ten young people from the neighborhood. »
« Invaders from the steppes of Central Asia and the mountains of Afghanistan also proved a constant threat to the empire's security, as did the Arab tribes of the southwest, long before they unified under the Islamic prophet Muhammad. »
« However, beginning in mid-13th century Eastern Europe, and spreading to Western Europe in the 14th century, a series of crises undermined European prosperity, security and population levels. Historians refer to these events as the "crises of the Middle Ages". »

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