6 sentences with 'necessarily'

Example sentences and phrases with the word necessarily and other words derived from it.

« When the temperature is high, athletes must necessarily resort to sponging and special sachets of water provided by the field assistants. »
« The solution is to give yourselves some time that is not necessarily devoted to sex, but to intimacy between partners, which will give you the opportunity to feel attached to each other again. »
« But do not touch radio knobs and other metal objects. The discharge would not necessarily kill you, but it could cause an unpleasant shock. »
« To that end, Greek scientists claimed that things like wind, fire, lightning and other natural forces were not necessarily spirits or gods (or at least tools of spirits and gods), but could simply be natural forces that had no personality of their own. »
« In other words, the whole intellectual world of Greek and Roman philosophy, literature, science, etc. did not necessarily relate to the Church's primary task of saving souls. »
« Also, governance was closely linked to clan membership, as each king was the head of the most powerful clan and not an elected official or even necessarily a hereditary monarchy that transcended clan lines. »

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