7 sentences with 'elegant'

Example sentences and phrases with the word elegant and other words derived from it.

« I was: I was no longer a student but an elegant and refined young woman. »
« Hoyle detested the theory of a spontaneous creation; it was simply not dignified or elegant. He coined the term "Big Bang" to ridicule the idea. »
« Moreover, although the mathematics of Hawking's theories are considered elegant, his conclusions, of course, remain largely hypothetical. Black holes, for example, are invisible. »
« In the funerary enclosure there are four female figures in elegant robes and four male figures with staffs and halberds; between the two groups there is a green dragon holding the sun, a white tiger holding the moon, a serpent-turtle, a phoenix and a series of golden stars linked by red lines; these animals are divinities reflecting the conception of the universe. »
« Phile is an archaeological complex of exceptional importance where the great sanctuary of the goddess Isis is located, with elegant figures on the walls. »
« These are vessels of exceptional technical perfection and elegant carving, which must have been used for ritual ceremonies. »
« Albert Camus, the French philosopher and writer, described him as follows: "The Devil, elegant, distinguished, wears a dinner jacket and smokes blond cigarettes in a gold cigarette holder". »

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