6 sentences with 'northwest'

Example sentences and phrases with the word northwest and other words derived from it.

« In Likua, 190 kilometers northwest of Jamba, General Altino Sapalalo, a legendary warrior who lost an arm in combat, ran a vast supply network with 1,000 heavy trucks, many of them taken from the enemy. »
« They allied with and, for a time, were ruled by a neighbouring people called the Etruscans who lived northwest of Rome. »
« Bismarck encouraged Austria in a conflict for control of a region of northwest Germany, recently seized from Denmark, and got the Austrians to declare war on Prussia. »
« In 1981, construction began on a 'pesticide processing plant' in Samarra, a town 60 kilometres northwest of Baghdad. This closely guarded industrial complex was clearly not a project like any other. A German technician later commented: "If insecticides were being produced there, such strict security measures would not have been necessary". »
« North says she met with Casey regularly, either in one of his offices or, from time to time, at his residence in northwest Washington. »
« London has even exported its name far beyond that untamed island. Many small towns in the United States are called London and there is even a London in the Argentine province of Catamarca, more than seven hundred kilometres northwest of the capital, Buenos Aires. »
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