7 sentences with «valley»

« The Lomba River valley has become a vast cornfield stretching 30 kilometers. »
« The Egyptians themselves called the Nile valley "Kemet", the Black Earth, because of the annually renewed black earth that came with the flood. »
« Alexander the Great had heard of Indian kingdoms even further east (i.e. towards the valley of the Ganges River, completely unknown to the Greeks before this point) and, being Alexander, he wanted to conquer them too. »
« However, to avoid the appearance of a retreat, Alexander the Great insisted that his armies fight up the Indus River valley and then through the southern part of the ancient Persian Empire on their way back to Mesopotamia. »
« From the lower Rhine valley, the Franks gradually expanded into northern Gaul in the late 5th century. »
« West Germany had extensive coal deposits, and by 1850 German industry was growing rapidly, especially in the Ruhr valley near the French border. »
« It is likely that Ótzi ascended from the valley in the southern part of the mountains in Italy, a hike of five or six hours. They know this because the herbs he used as insulation grew only in that area, and not in the north. »
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