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Example sentences and phrases with the word views and other words derived from it.

« However, he never seemed to have very strong political views, despite the fact that his father was for many years a minister of labor. »
« The Eastern Roman Empire was truly one of the great civilisations of world history. And yet, as evidenced in everything from university curricula to representations of ancient history in popular culture, the Eastern Empire, remembered as the "Byzantine Empire", is not as well represented in contemporary views of the past as is the earlier united Roman Empire. Why might that be? »
« Within two years, Luther was forced to publicly defend his views and, in the process, to radicalise them. »
« Frederick the Wise supported and agreed with the views of Martin Luther and also realised that he could benefit from rejecting the authority of the Pope and, to a lesser extent, the Emperor. »
« Jean Calvin was a generation younger than Luther and was therefore born into a world in which religious unity was already fragmented; in that sense, the fact that he held Protestant views is not as surprising as Luther's break with the Church was. »
« This was a significant change, for until the mid-17th century at the earliest, to be king was to refuse to get one's hands dirty with commerce. It was because of the incredible success of the Dutch that kings and nobles across Europe began to change their views and values. »
« He summed up his views with the phrase "survival of the fittest", a phrase often misattributed to Darwin himself. »
« Before long, competence and honesty were threats to too many people already in power to be allowed to exist; for example, famous Russian scientists lived under house arrest for decades because they could not be disposed of, but neither could they be allowed to express their views openly. »

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