6 sentences with 'victorious'

Example sentences and phrases with the word victorious and other words derived from it.

« In 1972, he participated in the victorious campaign against his country's entry into the European Economic Community (EEC). »
« Similarly, despite the famous and accurate accounts of key battles in which the Spartans were victorious, or at least symbolically victorious, they were loathe to be drawn into wars, especially those that involved more than a few days' march from Sparta. »
« Each time the Greeks were victorious, the Persians eventually decided to abandon the attempt to conquer Greece as too costly. »
« During his campaigns, Alexander the Great founded numerous new cities that were to be colonies for his victorious Greek soldiers, all of them named Alexandria, except for those he named after his horse, Bucephalus, and his dog, Peritas. »
« The victorious Scipio, now easily the most powerful man in Rome, became the first great general to add to his own name the name of the place he conquered: he became Scipio "Africanus" - conqueror of Africa. »
« In turn, the word "emperor" derives from imperator, the title of a victorious Roman general in the field, which was adopted as another honorific by Roman emperors. »

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