5 sentences with 'neat'

Example sentences and phrases with the word neat and other words derived from it.

« Shortly before he left, another of the Soviet embassy's neat men arrived to inform him that "Henry" would love to see him in Helsinki. »
« The neat, quiet and attentive head of the filing department stood at the desk of the elderly chief, who looked pale and nervous. »
« The system was never as neat and tidy as it sounds on paper; many vassals were lords of their own vassals, with the king simply being the highest lord. »
« Outside, in a sunny alley, everything looks normal. But inside the neat brown house, the country's most persevering mad scientist is determined to bake a perfect loaf. »
« His neat open-collared shirt and unremarkable coat contrast favourably with the scruffiness of the young men around him, and his clear blue eyes, framed by steel-rimmed spectacles, stare intently. »

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