7 sentences with «version»

« The Costa Doñana project was conceived as a high-end version of Matalascañas: a vast complex of 32,000-bed hotels, apartments with Andalusian-style architecture and luxury villas, built around a 27-hole golf course. »
« When he returned, he discovered that his Highland Park lieutenants had set about producing a new, low-clutch version of the Model T. The prototype sat in a corporate garage. »
« They are called "arn retroviruses," and they can make contact with the dna of a cell, create their own version of themselves through viral DNA (sort of like the negative of a photograph), and insert it into the cell's dna. »
« A year later she landed the part of Eliza Doolittle in Shaw's musical version of Pygmalion. »
« Rex Harrison was asked to reprise his role as Henry Higgins in the film version of My Fair Lady, but producer Jack Warner cast Audrey Hepburn as Eliza. »
« From the Phoenician version, the Ionian Greeks developed their own syllabic alphabet (the earlier Greek writing system, Linear B, disappeared during the Greek Dark Ages). »
« The Stoics were one possible version of a philosophy that believed in the existence of fate, of accepting one's place in a larger scheme rather than resisting it, and also celebrated the idea that the rational mind was always more powerful than emotional reactions. »

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