6 sentences with 'queen'

Example sentences and phrases with the word queen and other words derived from it.

« She then played a movie queen with a too-good-to-be-true public image (similar to her own), in another Blake Edwards production, SOB. »
« Once the war was over, the so-called "Great Captain" governed Naples for four years; but, when the queen died, Ferdinand, paying attention to the envious who accused the military man of spending money hand over fist, took the command from him, called him to Spain and demanded an account from him. »
« It is said that the queen especially liked that pizza, so they soon began to call it margherita. »
« Meanwhile, he insisted that he and his queen, Nefertiti, be worshipped as gods themselves as direct representatives of the Aten. »
« Queen Isabella deserves special attention. She was undoubtedly a queen of genuine political power, not just the royal wife of a king, of the entire Renaissance era. »
« The central idea of absolutism was that the king or queen was, firstly, the holder of (theoretically) absolute political power within the realm and, secondly, that all action by the monarch was to be taken in the name of preserving and guaranteeing the rights and privileges of his or her subjects, including occasionally even the peasants. »
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