6 sentences with «journalists»

« I am convinced that without it most journalists would be unemployed. »
« It was not until 1908 that public outcry (after decades of dangerous and incredibly courageous work by a few journalists who discovered what was going on) prompted the Belgian Parliament to strip Leopold II of the colony; he then took over direct administration. »
« Meanwhile, however, the war was becoming increasingly unpopular in America itself and in its allied countries. Over the years, journalists catalogued much of the horrific carnage unleashed by US forces, with jungles ravaged by chemical agents and napalm and, notoriously, civilians slaughtered. »
« Research has shown that while 75 per cent of the American public is in favour of the death penalty, 50 per cent of journalists oppose it. »
« The presence of heat-producing floodlights and a tumultuous crowd of journalists, each bent on getting the best picture of the "oldest man in the world", meant that the coroner was concerned about the state of the frozen corpse on the mountain. »
« Every day, a group of intrepid journalists risk their lives to bring truthful and unbiased news to this situated city. »

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