6 sentences with 'unemployed'

Example sentences and phrases with the word unemployed and other words derived from it.

« I am convinced that without it most journalists would be unemployed. »
« But many of them were unemployed, just like their German neighbors. »
« Many of the now unemployed scholars fled to Persia, where they were taken in by the Sassanid rulers. »
« The conquistadors of the Americas were generally poor nobles with few prospects in Spain; in the first generation of explorers many were essentially unemployed gentlemen. »
« The newly liberalised parliament that followed quickly voted to end slavery in the British territories (1833), passed the controversial Poor Laws that created public workhouses (1834) for the unemployed, and eliminated corrupt and archaic municipal governments and replaced them with elected councils. »
« Three-quarters of Philadelphia's working population became unemployed and charities were overwhelmed by thousands of new indigents in need of help. »

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