5 sentences with 'vacuum'

Example sentences and phrases with the word vacuum and other words derived from it.

« It allows time to vacuum carpets and wax cars. »
« Thus, by the late summer of 1917, there was a power vacuum created by the war and the incompetence of the Duma (Russian representative assembly). No one group had power over the country as a whole, and so the Bolsheviks had their chance. »
« Space travellers will find in this suit shelter from the extreme temperatures, radiation and vacuum of space. Unlike the primitive space capsules, this one was designed by futuristic tailors to fit a single astronaut. Each piece is sealed and secured with airtight, mutually fastening rings. »
« Although the average density of nebulae is so low that a vacuum resembling it has not been achieved on Earth, the sum total of this scattered matter in the Milky Way would be enough to build about ten thousand stars. »
« The old researchers, clinging to their horror of the vacuum, maintained that the mercury did not descend from the test tube because thin invisible threads - the funiculars - kept it adhered to the inverted base of the tube. »
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