6 sentences with 'universal'

Example sentences and phrases with the word universal and other words derived from it.

« So let's not denigrate all aspects of this almost universal human characteristic. »
« In addition, the Romans established the Law of Nations to govern the territories it began to conquer in Italy; it was an early form of international law based on what were believed to be universal rules of justice. »
« In the end, thanks in large part to the influence of St. Paul, most Christians came to believe that the salvation offered by Christ was potentially universal, and that not only Jews could become Christians as a result. »
« For nearly 1,000 years, the two types of Christianity - later called "Catholic" and "Eastern Orthodox", though both terms speak to the idea of a universal and correct form of Christian doctrine - were sundered by the great political divisions between the Germanic kingdoms in the west and Byzantium itself in the east. »
« By the 16th century, "Renaissance art" was universal in Western Europe, and artists all over the world were benefiting from the use of linear perspective, evocative and realistic portraiture and the other artistic techniques first developed in Italy. »
« The ad hoc nature of higher education for priests gave way to a formal and universal requirement: all priests would be well educated, not just those who had sought a university for themselves. »
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