10 sentences with 'electricity'

Example sentences and phrases with the word electricity and other words derived from it.

« In that luminous instant, the electricity from the lightning heats the surrounding air to 28,000° C., five times the temperature of the Sun's surface. »
« How does one charge a thunderstorm cloud with electricity to such a degree to produce a lightning bolt? The process is very complex and little understood. »
« "We go for days without telephone service, electricity, radio batteries, heat or water. Don't ask me how we get the paper out in these conditions," he says. »
« Did you know that for many years there was no running water, no electricity, no refrigerator and no television in the cabin? »
« Twenty-five tonnes of helium-3 can provide as much electricity as the United States consumes in an entire year. And that cargo fits into the holds of a space shuttle. »
« Scientists estimate that the amount of helium-3 deposited on the moon would be enough to supply the Earth with electricity for a thousand years, if consumption remained stable. »
« Let's try to describe a world without electricity. Beyond idyllic landscapes, or the idea of "going back to nature", the truth is that we consume electricity almost continuously on a daily basis. »
« Absolutely every appliance that requires electricity to operate releases an invisible force into the environment that scientists have called "induced magnetic fields". It can be said that we live under a continuous bombardment of energy which, over the last thirty years, has multiplied in intensity about... a billion times. »
« As with other phenomena - atomic behaviour, light, etc. - man has tamed electricity; he generates it and distributes it wherever he wishes, but he has not yet come to know its essence. »
« Indeed, even in a remote African wild animal reserve, far from our economic anxieties and that rare electricity that paralyses us any afternoon in the microcentre, monkeys are not spared from suffering from the fashionable disease: stress. »
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