7 sentences with 'channels'

Example sentences and phrases with the word channels and other words derived from it.

« At that moment the side channels and dead ends that the charge formed in its path are illuminated, and what we see is the characteristic glowing, many-branched arborescence. »
« Over time, villagers realised that they had to work together to build larger-scale channels and dykes to protect themselves from flooding. »
« Having round-the-clock entertainment (by which I mean, above all, all-night TV channels) also has a negative influence on sleep. »
« Not so long ago, most TV channels ended their broadcasts at midnight or one o'clock in the morning, giving viewers the impression that it was time to close their eyes. »
« Half of all primary schools teach in Catalan, and three of the region's seven television channels are in Catalan. »
« The fixed stars were lamps held by the gods and the planets sailed in their own ships through the channels of the Milky Way, considered as the River Nile of the sky. »
« Argentina began its claim through diplomatic channels, but to no avail. »

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