7 sentences with «joining»

« Find out about joining a physical fitness center or set up a workout area in your own home. »
« The Greek polis were, for the most part, terrified into submission, with only 6% of Greek cities joining the defensive coalition created by Athens and Sparta (incidentally, within that 6% were some of the most powerful poles in Greece). »
« In the 16th century, the study of the classics became an essential part of the elite's own education, joining the medieval scholastic traditions (or becoming obsolete) in schools and universities. »
« Although Germans were encouraged to identify with the Nazi state, and joining the Nazi Party itself soon became an excellent way to advance one's career, the Nazis also threatened those who dared to defy them with imprisonment or death. »
« The specific decision by Hitler and the Nazi leadership that resulted in the United States joining the Allies was the alliance between Germany and Japan. »
« In practice, Germany hoped that the pact would make American politicians think twice before joining Britain in the war effort. In retrospect, it backfired on Germany, as the Japanese attack on the United States led Germany to honour its agreement and declare war on the United States as well: Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on 7 December 1941, and Germany was forced to declare war on the US (his advisors urged Hitler not to do so, but blithely asserted that Japan had never lost a war and victory was now assured for the Axis). »
« Beauvoir herself joined the French Women's Liberation Movement, joining many women who were then a third of her age. »

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