5 sentences with 'kissing'

Example sentences and phrases with the word kissing and other words derived from it.

« -Thank you," I said to Margaret, kissing her on the shoulder. »
« When he starts kissing my neck or telling me I look pretty, I know what's coming next. »
« Testosterone, in the case of men, and oestrogen, in the case of women, begin to be released as soon as the kissing ritual begins. However, according to the latest findings, ladies also release the first hormone whenever they join lips with those of the opposite sex. »
« Because of these physical facts, some diseases can be transmitted through the healthy habit of kissing. Obviously, as long as the kiss is mouth-to-mouth, never with so-called social kissing, which is nothing more than kissing on the cheeks. »
« One of the diseases is precisely the so-called kissing disease caused by the transmission of the Epstein-Barr virus, which causes a pronounced inflammation of the lymph nodes, weakness, temperature, a little depression and liver pain. »

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