5 sentences with «joke»

« She began to joke and laugh as she helped him take off his coat. »
« There are "benign" ones, when the objective is to play a joke (writing, for example, a message on the screen or displaying an animated figurine). »
« The guy shouted orders left and right with no one cracking a joke, until he reached the desk of a petite, mild-mannered woman who typed the guy's name on a piece of gummed paper, stuck the paper on a plastic bracelet and slipped the bracelet around his wrist, giving him no time to realise what was happening. »
« Minutes later I was lying on an ambulance stretcher. "What a way to get attention," I said to Senator Bob Dole as the vehicle was leaving, but I didn't laugh at my joke. »
« "I think a smile and a joke make it easier," he explained. »

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