6 sentences with 'joke'

Example sentences and phrases with the word joke and other words derived from it.

« She began to joke and laugh as she helped him take off his coat. »
« There are "benign" ones, when the objective is to play a joke (writing, for example, a message on the screen or displaying an animated figurine). »
« The guy shouted orders left and right with no one cracking a joke, until he reached the desk of a petite, mild-mannered woman who typed the guy's name on a piece of gummed paper, stuck the paper on a plastic bracelet and slipped the bracelet around his wrist, giving him no time to realise what was happening. »
« Minutes later I was lying on an ambulance stretcher. "What a way to get attention," I said to Senator Bob Dole as the vehicle was leaving, but I didn't laugh at my joke. »
« In short, there are some pretty computerised doctors, and some pretty medical artificial thinking systems. From the two points, the human and the machine, we start to move towards the centre, towards the point of convergence. How long before the merger? When will the "Compudoctor" arrive? Sound like a joke? It is written for that. But it is not. »
« "I think a smile and a joke make it easier," he explained. »

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