6 sentences with 'questioned'

Example sentences and phrases with the word questioned and other words derived from it.

« Kathleen Stafford closed her eyes as he questioned an Iranian family that had arrived earlier. »
« At Versailles, life revolved around the person of the king and, by extension, his power, which was never seriously questioned during his lifetime. »
« North was being questioned about his role in the operation to sell US arms to Iran to obtain the release of American hostages in the Middle East, and about channelling the proceeds to the Nicaraguan rebels - the "contras" - then fighting their country's Marxist government. »
« His great discovery was greeted with cold scepticism, and the chairman of the meeting, theoretical physicist John Taylor, questioned his interpretation. »
« Palaeontology and geology, like evolutionism and all the collateral branches of research related to them, witnessed the emergence of a young man who questioned everything, who looked beyond and asked uncomfortable questions. »
« In particular, I questioned the fact that many critics had described the film as a black comedy, without giving potential viewers a more accurate indication of the vivid scenes of brutality they would witness. »

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