9 sentences with 'called'

Example sentences and phrases with the word called and other words derived from it.

« That killer is called prostate cancer. »
« The next morning the doctor called me. »
« In the German weekly Der Spiegel, Werner Steuber, head of the German-Swiss Association of Overseas Property Owners, called the project a "typical case of real estate criminality". »
« John Kipling, as they called the little boy, turned out to be an intelligent, cheerful and docile child. »
« "My son's name was John. Therefore yours must be called Jean, the French equivalent," he wrote to Hamonneau. »
« But when Dorothy called him, he raised his head, pricked up his ears and began to tremble with obvious excitement. »
« We arrived just after sunset and called out to the boys. »
« The brigade called other gang members to a meeting and warned them: »
« On several occasions he was called to Detroit and, on one of those trips, he got his first look at an engine invented by German Nikolaus August Otto, which was the sensation in the mechanical world. »

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