5 sentences with 'virgin'

Example sentences and phrases with the word virgin and other words derived from it.

« Wishing to remain a virgin, she obtained a three-year term to go on pilgrimage to Rome. »
« According to the Gospels, Jesus was the son of the miraculous union of the Holy Spirit, one of the aspects of the Jewish God Yahweh, and a virgin named Mary. »
« Perhaps the main theme of Enlightenment thought that ran counter to almost all forms of religious practice at the time was the rejection of 'superstitions', things that simply could not happen according to science (such as a virgin giving birth to a child, or wine turning to blood during communion). »
« In a black mass a virgin priestess acts as an altar, and on her naked body animal sacrifices will be performed, leading, in the paroxysm, to human sacrifices. »
« Among those who wanted nothing to do with her was Vice President John C. Calhoun's wife, Floride. Calhoun fell out of favour with President Jackson, who defended Peggy Eaton and mocked those who did not associate with her, declaring that she was "as chaste as a virgin". »
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