12 sentences with 'medieval'

Example sentences and phrases with the word medieval and other words derived from it.

« In medieval London, the area to the north of the city, outside the city walls, was intended for displaying the corpses of criminals. »
« Likewise, medieval anti-Semitism (prejudice and hatred against Jews) eventually drove many Jews from Europe itself to seek refuge in the kingdoms and empires of the Middle East and North Africa. »
« Likewise, the different Islamic states were often in conflict. The political and military history of medieval Europe and the Middle East is one of different political entities, both warlike and commercial; religion was certainly an important factor, but there are many cases where it was secondary to more prosaic economic or political concerns. »
« With this in mind, it is not only medieval prejudices or contemporary geopolitical conflict that have created the idea that Islam is an alien entity to Western civilisation. »
« The real golden age of medieval Islam came during the Abbasid caliphate. »
« Historians have long since given up the idea that the Middle Ages were anything other than the 'Dark Ages' so maligned by Renaissance thinkers, so this chapter seeks to examine the early medieval world on its own terms, in particular, what were the political, social and cultural realities of post-Roman Europe? »
« The fundamental belief of medieval Christians was that the Church as an institution was the only way to spiritual salvation. It was far less important for a Christian to understand any of the details of Christian theology than it was to participate in Christian worship and, more importantly, to receive the sacraments administered by the clergy. »
« 2. Communion - following the example of Christ at the Last Supper, the ritual by which medieval Christians connected spiritually with God. A significant element of this was the belief in transubstantiation: the idea that the wine and sacred host were literally transformed into the blood and body of Christ at the moment of consumption. »
« The greatest literary work of medieval Islam was in Persian, the Shahnamah of the poet Ferdousi or Firdausi (d. 1020), a mythological account of Persian rulers that reached back into the ancient past and suggested a single cultural and political tradition. »
« In short, Persian political culture was crucial in creating royal states out of tribal confederations, although it is important to recognise that many of these states were not particularly long-lived during the medieval period. »
« Early medieval farmers had literally ploughed the soil with light ploughs, usually pulled by oxen or donkeys. »
« The medieval agricultural revolution led to an expansion of population, urbanisation and economy, advances in education and scholarship resulted in higher literacy rates and a more sophisticated intellectual life, and Europe was free of large-scale invasions. »
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