8 sentences with 'north'

Example sentences and phrases with the word north and other words derived from it.

« One Sunday the boy left home to run an errand in a quiet north London suburb; he never returned. »
« In medieval London, the area to the north of the city, outside the city walls, was intended for displaying the corpses of criminals. »
« Rameses campaigned against the growing power of an empire in the north called the Hittites, one of the major empires of the Bronze Age period. »
« To the north, beyond Mesopotamia itself (the land between the rivers), a rival state known as Assyria traded and fought against Kassite-controlled Babylon. »
« However, from the early 1400 BCE onwards, a wave of invasions by the Mycenaeans to the north eventually extinguished Minoan independence. »
« The Assyrians adopted the horseback archery of the barbarians they fought from the north, which together with swords and short spears wielded on horseback made chariots permanently obsolete. »
« In time, Greek colonies spread across the Mediterranean to Spain in the west and the shores of the Black Sea in the north. »
« The Spartans took the lead in the land army blockading the Persians in the north, while the Athenians attacked the Persian army in the south. »
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