6 sentences with 'noses'

Example sentences and phrases with the word noses and other words derived from it.

« -The Venetians couldn't see beyond their noses. I like this one. »
« One Prussian recalled being taught, presumably in a church-run primary schools, that "the king could cut off the noses and ears of all his subjects if he so wished, and that we owed it to his goodness and his gentle disposition that we were left in possession of these necessary organs. »
« The other children would exclaim, "Phew, here comes Mary Jo," and hold their noses. »
« As with the solution to many mysteries, we have had this one under our noses all along. »
« Well, as you may have noticed, the abundant thick fog that envelops us prevents us from seeing much beyond our noses. »
« Protons and neutrons, the basic building blocks of matter, are disintegrating right under our noses, unnoticed only by the minds of a few Japanese, Italian, American and Indian researchers, who are trying to prove it from sophisticated laboratories. »

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