5 sentences with 'jeans'

Example sentences and phrases with the word jeans and other words derived from it.

« I bought the brand of jeans that Al recommended because they have the seams on the outside and don't chafe the legs. »
« At 7:30 p.m., after changing out of her jeans into a long, bright blue dress, the pianist watches as a hundred or so people file into the folding chairs: families with children, elderly people living in a lakeside neighbourhood, a bearded lumberjack in a plaid shirt and baseball cap, a waitress from the local pizza place. »
« The tall, blonde 20-year-old with beautiful blue eyes put on her best pair of jeans and high heels. She was going sightseeing that day with her new friends. »
« The jeans and the branded trainers »
« Percentage of adolescents worldwide who have never worn jeans: 8.2 per cent. »

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