8 sentences with 'nurses'

Example sentences and phrases with the word nurses and other words derived from it.

« Everything was blurry, but I could make out the movement of the nurses. »
« More nurses arrived, followed by doctors. »
« The nurses, exhausted and with a tremendous workload, did not seem to be bothered by the matter. »
« The nurses took Mike, still conscious, to the operating room. »
« As to whether it would hurt her to die, the doctor promised her that it would not. The doctors and nurses tried to make the latter promise come true. »
« Thousands of women joined the war effort directly as nurses, in many cases serving near or even in the trenches on the Western Front. »
« The nurses taught Lori how to tube-feed, but insisted that she bottle-feed as soon as possible. »
« My husband was a very special doctor. He took his profession seriously, but he liked to have fun. He told incredible jokes and every Friday afternoon he held a "medical conference". That's what he called it, but it was really a party for nurses. »

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