Sentences with 'unload'

Example sentences and phrases with the word unload and other words derived from it.

« Pride prompted her to offer to unload trucks in exchange for canned food. »
« On returning to the hive, other workers help her to unload the material and deposit it in the same places where it will later be used. The last stage is the chemical processing of the resins together with the bees' own body substances to create this therapeutic substance. »
« Committees of Correspondence helped coordinate resistance in all the colonial port cities, so that all along the east coast, British ships carrying tea were unable to reach shore and unload their goods. »
« When the Dartmouth sailed into Boston harbour in November 1773, it had twenty days to unload its cargo of tea and pay the tax before it had to return to Britain. Two more ships, the Eleanor and the Beaver, followed soon after. »

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