7 sentences with 'needy'

Example sentences and phrases with the word needy and other words derived from it.

« "There's a really needy person who did the right thing." »
« 4. Charity should be given to the needy. »
« "However, material assistance to the needy alone is not enough. What is most important for today's world is a spiritual regeneration that establishes a sense of good faith among people in general. »
« She hated the idea of needy people having to go through interviews and fill out forms to receive food or clothing. »
« When she shopped for her family, she bought extra shoes and shirts to give to the needy. »
« One day she asked a social worker in her town to put her in touch with a needy family she could help. »
« The Romans, however, considered shaving to be the custom of the effeminate and needy. They only shaved for war, because the beard bothered them in battle. »

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