7 sentences with 'knee'

Example sentences and phrases with the word knee and other words derived from it.

« Stairs (warm-up): Climb a bench or step with your right leg, bending it so that your knee is over the arch of your foot. Now raise your left leg. Then lower the right and then the left. Do not hit the floor. »
« Place hands on hips and step forward with the right foot as far as you can without violating the muscles. Bend the left knee so that it is directly over the arch of the foot. Without taking your right foot off the floor, lift your left heel. »
« Slowly lower your hips and left knee. The right knee should not extend past the arch of the foot. »
« I'm Billie Joe and I bend my knee to take a step... to where? There was only one possible answer: Billie Joe was pushing the young woman, to throw her into the void. »
« She tapped the young man's knee to get his attention. He removed his hearing aids and turned to look at her. »
« The hearing organs of insects are located in the abdomen or on the legs. In the case of locusts, exactly in the knee. Hence the fatal significance of losing a foreleg in the struggle for survival. For lobsters, it is the best way to be amputated and deaf at the same time. »
« To this day he cannot walk more than a kilometre without his knee swelling after his accident. »

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