7 sentences with 'net'

Example sentences and phrases with the word net and other words derived from it.

« From the other side of the mosquito net, my mother decrees: -Come back when the church bell rings. »
« From the late 17th century and culminating in the 18th century, many kingdoms saw the gradual elimination of the common lands that had been an essential economic safety net for the peasantry in previous centuries. »
« The net effect of these innovations was to make travel far cheaper, simpler and faster than it had ever been in human history. In essence, every place on earth was closer than ever before. »
« The net effect was, in general, that the class of workers who had "nothing to sell but their labour", the proletariat, grew. »
« The net effect was that the proletariat grew and all other conceivable classes (including peasants, small business owners, etc.) shrank. »
« So did Russia initially, although almost immediately its economy foundered in the face of the "shock therapy" led by Western advisors: the rapid imposition of a market economy and the dismantling of the social safety net that had been the only significant benefit of the old Soviet system for ordinary citizens. »
« The team lowered small inflatable boats into the water and attached heavy buoys to the net that imprisoned the whale. The whale, struggling to shed this extra burden, soon became fatigued, allowing the specialist to manoeuvre close to the animal, some 300 times its size. »

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