7 sentences with 'eighth'

Example sentences and phrases with the word eighth and other words derived from it.

« Some 120 Vietnamese workers and their families lived on the eighth through twelfth floors. »
« A group of people stand in the corridor on the eighth floor. They are the residents. »
« For example, a Christian in Syria, a subject of the Muslim Arab kingdoms in the eighth century, could not speak to a Byzantine Christian, nor would she be welcome in Constantinople, as she was probably a Monophysite Christian (one of the many Christian heresies, at least from the Orthodox perspective) rather than an Orthodox one. »
« In the eighth century, the papacy produced a document (forged, as it turned out) known as the Donation of Constantine in which the Roman emperor Constantine supposedly granted authority over the Western Roman Empire to the pope of Rome; that document was often cited by popes over the following centuries as "proof" of their authority. »
« On her eighth birthday on June 29, Chelsey gave herself the gift she had wanted most: a proud, charming smile. »
« Then, while she was expecting her eighth child, she had to take a powerful painkiller. »
« Henry Percy, the eighth son of the Earl of Northumberland, was among them. »

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