6 sentences with 'uneasy'

Example sentences and phrases with the word uneasy and other words derived from it.

« An uneasy peace lasted several decades between Rome and Carthage, despite enduring anti-Carthaginian hatred in Rome; a prominent senator named Cato the Elder supposedly ended every speech in the Senate with the statement "...and Carthage must be destroyed". »
« There was a vast Greco-Roman literature describing government, science, engineering, etc., all of which were needed in the new Christian Empire. A kind of uneasy balance was struck between the study of classical learning, especially things like rhetoric, while warning of the spiritual danger of being seduced by its non-Christian messages. »
« Before the outbreak of the war, there was an uneasy truce in the Holy Roman Empire between the Catholic emperor, who had limited power outside his own ancestral lands (Habsburgs), and the numerous Protestant princes in their respective, mostly northern, territories. »
« The uneasy coalitions of socialists and other rebels that had led them soon fell into infighting, and kings (and in France, a new emperor) eventually reasserted control. »
« After half an hour, Olsen asked Roberts to stop at a cafĂ©. Waiting inside were Grytdal and Ulving, who looked pale and uneasy. »
« Entremeses have always made me uneasy. They are like childhood, where one always wonders what the next stages will be like, and then, when the rest of the menu is served, one regrets not having eaten more hors d'oeuvres. »

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