6 sentences with «justified»

« Christianity was at the heart of scholarship and learning for centuries. It also justified the aggressive expansion of European kingdoms. »
« Thus, their conquests were justified by their religious beliefs, as well as by a direct desire for dominance. »
« Greeks in the Hellenistic kingdoms felt that they were the heirs to Alexander's conquests and were therefore justified in occupying most, if not all, positions of political power. »
« However, when the "barbarians" seized the territory, Roman writers were rarely justified in mentioning it, as it was assumed that the territory could and should be reclaimed when it was convenient for Rome. »
« Rousseau's concept of a moralistic and fanatical government, justified by a "general will" of the people, was to become one of the ideological foundations of the French Revolution that began just a decade after his death. »
« In short, it was a "perfect storm" of technology and ideology that enabled and justified Europe's global feeding frenzy called "imperialism". »

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