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Example sentences and phrases with the word kingdoms and other words derived from it.

« Perhaps most importantly, Islamic kingdoms and empires were part of the networks of trade, scholarship and exchange that linked the entire Mediterranean region. Thus, despite the fervour of European crusaders, it would be deeply misleading to separate Islamic states and cultures from the rest of Western civilisation. »
« Most of the world, however, was off-limits to large-scale European expansion. Not only were there prosperous and sophisticated kingdoms in many regions of Africa, but (in an ironic reversal of the impact of European diseases on Americans) African diseases ensured that would-be European explorers and conquerors could not penetrate beyond the shores of most of sub-Saharan Africa in its entirety. »
« Meanwhile, the huge and sophisticated empires and kingdoms of China, Japan, Southeast Asia and South Asia (i.e. India) largely regarded Europeans as incidental trading partners of relatively minor importance. »
« The great overall story of ancient Egyptian history is that each of the different major kingdoms was fairly stable and relatively peaceful, while the intervening periods were troubled, violent and chaotic. »
« Egypt traded with the kingdom of Nubia, but also suffered from the incursions of the warring Nubian kingdoms... One of the key political posts in Egypt was the Guardian of the Southern Gate, a military governor who tried to protect trade from these attacks. »
« For example, while the use of iron became increasingly common from 1100 BC onwards, the later Egyptian kingdoms did not use large quantities of iron tools until the 7th century BC, five centuries after the Iron Age began. »
« Note: Historians of the ancient world distinguish between the Assyrian kingdoms of the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, referring to the latter as the Neo-Assyrians. »
« Israel emerged as one of many smaller kingdoms surrounded by powerful neighbours, engaging in trade and waging small-scale wars depending on circumstances. »
« The other important change is that it is now possible to discuss and examine the interactions between the various kingdoms and empires, not just what happened to them internally, as the whole region from Greece to Mesopotamia was now in sustained contact through trade, warfare and diplomacy. »
« Cyrus II then headed south and conquered the city-states and kingdoms of Mesopotamia, culminating in the conquest of Babylon in 539 BC. »
« These dynasties fought and traded with each other for some 300 years before being conquered by the Romans (the rise of Rome was set against the backdrop of the Hellenistic kingdoms). »

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