6 sentences with 'embarked'

Example sentences and phrases with the word embarked and other words derived from it.

« Following the Spanish and Portuguese conquest of Central and South America, the other major European states embarked on their own imperialist ventures in the following centuries. »
« Cyrus II assimilated the Medes into his own military force and then embarked on an incredible campaign of conquest that lasted twenty years, forging Persia into a gigantic empire. »
« Alexander the Great immediately embarked on his father's mission to attack Persia, leading a relatively small army (of about 45,000 men) into Persian territory - note how much smaller this army was than the Persian army had been a century earlier, when Xerxes I had invaded with over 200,000 soldiers. »
« For the first time in history, the Arabs embarked on a sustained campaign of conquest rather than serving others as mercenaries. »
« Much of the Renaissance began as an attempt to imitate or copy Greek and Roman art and scholarship (correspondence in classical Latin, for example), but over the decades the leading thinkers of the Renaissance embarked on new paths of their own, still inspired by the classics, but also seeking to be creators in their own right. »
« Even as absolutism became the predominant mode of politics on the continent, Britain embarked on a different and opposite political trajectory. »

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