8 sentences with 'narrative'

Example sentences and phrases with the word narrative and other words derived from it.

« Outside the West, the classic narrative goes, there was despotism, stagnation and corruption, so it was almost inevitable that the West would eventually achieve world dominance. »
« The entire history of most of humanity was not only irrelevant to the narrative of European or American history, it was irrelevant to the history of the modern world for everyone. »
« This textbook follows the contours of the basic Western Civilisation narrative described above in terms of chronology and, to some extent, geography because it was written to be compatible with most Western Civilisation courses as they exist today. »
« It was the Greeks who devised history in the same sense in which the term is used today, i.e. a story (a narrative) based on historical facts that tries to explain what happened and why it happened the way it did. »
« The Mongols are not always incorporated into the narrative of Western civilisation, because despite the enormous breadth of their empire under the rule of Chinggis (also known as Genghis, although the actual Mongol pronunciation is in fact Chinggis) Khan and his descendants, most of the territories held by the Mongols were in Asia. »
« As an aside in the war narrative, it is worth considering the Soviet Union's role in World War II. »
« Today, while research is always presenting new facts and new interpretations, the essential Holocaust narrative is well established, based on mountains of hard evidence and meticulous research. »
« History, from the postmodern perspective, has no overarching narrative: things simply change, and those changes generally revolve around the deployment of social and economic power. »

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