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Example sentences and phrases with the word neutral and other words derived from it.

« Fortunately, there are also more practical and neutral definitions of the term. »
« There was a marked absence of empirical investigation: observing, from a neutral and objective point of view, natural phenomena and using these observations as the basis for informed experimentation into their causes and workings. »
« The Austrian government remained unwisely neutral during the ensuing war, which broke the alliance between it and Russia (after all, Russia had just put down the Hungarian uprising on behalf of Austria during the revolutions of 1848). »
« Belgium was a neutral country before the war, and German planners expected Belgium to surrender quickly as German troops advanced rapidly into France. Instead, Belgian soldiers fiercely resisted the German invasion. »
« Thus, by June 1940, there were no great powers left to oppose Germany but Britain (the United States, although much more favourable to Britain than to Germany, remained neutral). »
« In September 1941, Germany, Italy and Japan signed the Tripartite Pact. The Pact stipulated that any of the three powers would declare war on a neutral country that declared war on one of the others. »
« It also appears that quercetin remains in a neutral state until bacteria in the digestive system or yeast in vats intervene to ferment wine. It then becomes what is perhaps one of nature's most powerful anticarcinogens. »

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