7 sentences with 'keeping'

Example sentences and phrases with the word keeping and other words derived from it.

« After two more tests, the doctors disconnected the devices that were keeping the boy alive. »
« Sometimes, after that, people in the same regions began to domesticate animals, keeping herds of cattle, pigs, sheep and goats in controlled conditions, defending them from predators, and eating them and using their hides. »
« The Mesopotamians also invented the first writing systems, first developed for the purpose of keeping tax records sometime around 3000 BCE. »
« The Caliphate's political independence ended in 945 when it was conquered by Persian tribesmen, who took control of secular power while keeping the Caliph alive as a figurehead. »
« Medicine was completely ineffective in keeping the plague under control. »
« The Habsburgs were also favoured by the leadership of the electors because their kingdoms bordered the growing Ottoman Turkish empire, and thus played a vital role in keeping the Turks in check. »
« After Napoleon's final defeat in 1815, conservatives faced the daunting task of not only creating a new political order, but of keeping in check the political ideologies unleashed during the revolutionary era: liberalism, nationalism and socialism. »

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