6 sentences with 'kiss'

Example sentences and phrases with the word kiss and other words derived from it.

« Margaret gave me a kiss, and the doctor opened the door for her. »
« The longest kiss in cinema: Regis Toomey and Janet Wyman sealed their lips for 185 seconds in the film You're in the Army Now (1940). »
« That morning, as always, she kissed and hugged her three young children goodbye and, before leaving, she gave her husband, Steven, one last kiss. »
« When Lisa gave birth for the fourth time, on January 6, 1989, I booked a plane ticket to Iowa to meet the baby. "Give her a kiss for me," Milt instructed me, lying in a hospital bed. »
« At times it seemed as if he was about to kiss them, especially when they hurt themselves or at bedtime, but this absent father restrained himself. »
« But the kiss, besides affection, pleasure, love and intimacy, is an absolutely physical fact. How is this? »

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