7 sentences with 'quest'

Example sentences and phrases with the word quest and other words derived from it.

« For them, magic and science were all aspects of the same quest, namely, trying to learn how the universe worked so that humans could influence it more effectively. »
« Also, a central focus of the epic is Gilgamesh's quest for immortality as he faces the absurdity of death. »
« All the major schools of Hellenistic philosophy shared the same quest, albeit in different ways: to live in pleasure and tranquillity. Three are of particular importance: the Epicureans, the Stoics and the Cynics. »
« The themes of their Russian art dealt both with the thorny political issues of their time and with a kind of ongoing spiritual quest to understand the Russian 'soul', something usually identified with both nature and the mystical qualities of the Russian Orthodox Church. »
« Some educated European Jews concluded that the quest not only for legal equality but also for cultural acceptance was doomed given the strength and virulence of anti-Semitism in European culture, and began a new political movement to establish a Jewish homeland in the historic region of ancient Israel. »
« All the factors mentioned above, the quest for profit, for raw materials, the continuing power struggle between the great powers and the "civilising mission" reached their collective zenith in Africa. »
« What other consequences will this dizzying advance of man's quest for well-being bring? It is difficult to predict, in a world where Frankenstein may look like a warm and innocent electric blanket. »
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