13 sentences with 'legal'

Example sentences and phrases with the word legal and other words derived from it.

« He drew legal distinctions between "free men" or aristocratic citizens, commoners and slaves, treating the same crimes very differently. »
« The Hammurabi code also included legal protections for women in a variety of ways. »
« Although women were unquestionably secondary to men in their legal status, the Hammurabi Code still gave them more rights and protections than many law codes that emerged thousands of years later. »
« This is all the more surprising because many of the legal rights that Egyptian women possessed were not available to women in Europe (or the United States) until the late 19th century, more than three thousand years later. »
« Also, Egyptian women enjoyed far more legal autonomy than women in many other ancient societies, particularly that of the Greeks. »
« The radical element of the Jewish religion, as well as the Jewish legal system that grew out of it, the Talmud, was the idea that all Jews were equal before God, rather than some Jews having a closer relationship with God. »
« From the Greek polis of the Archaic and later Classical Ages, the notion of legal citizenship and equality, the practice of voting laws, and a particular concept of political pride now called patriotism, all took shape for the first time. »
« In many cases, the result was the rise of tyrannies: a government led by a man, the tyrant, who had no legal claim to power, but who had been appointed by the citizens of a polis to avoid civil conflict (tyrants were usually aristocrats, but also responded to the needs of the hoplites). »
« He enacted other legal reforms that reduced the overall power of the aristocracy, and in a clever move, he had the laws written on wooden panels and posted throughout the city so that anyone who could read could examine them (until then, the only people who really knew the laws were the aristocratic judges, which made it easy for them to abuse their power). »
« In short, in classical Athens women were legal minors (as are children in American society today) under the control and legal guardianship of their fathers or husbands. »
« As the vast majority of the Greek population outside the cities were farmers, women naturally worked alongside men on farms. However, they had no legal control over their own livelihoods, even if they did much of the actual work, with their husbands (or fathers or brothers) retaining full legal ownership. »
« An important exception to the absence of legal rights for women was that Greek women could initiate divorce, although divorce would only be recognised after a legal process demonstrated that the husband's behaviour was truly reprehensible to Greek sensibilities, and it was a rare case in any case: there is only one known instance in classical Athens of a woman who attempted to initiate divorce. »
« Surprisingly, Hellenistic women wielded considerable economic power and enjoyed far greater legal recognition than women had in earlier periods of Greek history. »
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