8 sentences with 'territorial'

Example sentences and phrases with the word territorial and other words derived from it.

« Warfare was mainly territorial raids and perhaps noble combat to demonstrate strength and power. »
« Just as the Romans began to consider further territorial expansion, a ferocious raiding band of Celts swooped down and sacked Rome in 389 BC, a setback from which it took several decades to recover. As a result, the Romans vowed never again to let the city fall victim to attack. »
« It was under one of these emperors, Trajan, that the empire reached its greatest territorial extent. »
« It was, despite its continued pretensions to empire, in reality a kingdom after territorial losses, populated almost entirely by Greek-speaking "Romans" rather than by those Romans, as well as by its former Syrian, Jewish, African, Italian and Spanish subjects. »
« Under the Macedonians, the territorial lines of the Byzantine Empire were pushed back to parts of Mesopotamia and Armenia in the east and to Crete and Cyprus in the Mediterranean. »
« The sheer number and variety of Charles V's territorial possessions and related titles reaches almost comical levels from a contemporary perspective. He was Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain, Grand Duke of several territories in Poland and Romania, Count-Prince of the lands of southern Germany, Duke of others, and even claimed sovereignty over Jerusalem (though, of course, he did not actually control the Holy Land). »
« The 17th century saw no territorial expansion, but neither did it succumb to invasion. »
« The threat from France was so great that even traditional enemies such as England and the Netherlands on the one hand and the Habsburgs on the other joined forces against Louis XIV, and after a long war, the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 forced Louis to abandon further territorial ambitions. »

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