8 sentences with 'peasants'

Example sentences and phrases with the word peasants and other words derived from it.

« Pellagra occurs mainly among poor peasants who subsist for long periods of time on maize diets, which are poor in niacin and tryptophan. »
« However, they were still very effective against hapless peasants with spears, so it seems that when rival Mesopotamian city-states fought actual battles, they consisted largely of massive groups of chariots carrying archers who shot at each other. »
« This land was so agriculturally productive that Egyptian peasants were able to grow crops three times more abundant than those in other regions such as Mesopotamia. »
« Egyptian soldiers were often no more than peasants armed with copper knives, spears with copper heads, or even just sticks. »
« Peasants in Egypt were tied to the land on which they lived and were therefore serfs rather than free peasants. »
« the peasants could not afford to fight the rich at court, and the rich had few scruples about hiring thugs to terrorise the peasants into submission. »
« The tax collectors of the Roman state were so feared that many peasants voluntarily gave their land to wealthy landowners who promised to protect them from the tax agents. »
« Heraclius managed to save the core of the Byzantine empire, Anatolia and the Balkans, by recruiting free peasants to fight instead of relying on mercenaries. He also focused on Anatolia as the breadbasket of the empire, temporarily abandoning Egypt but keeping its people fed. »

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