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Example sentences and phrases with the word scribes and other words derived from it.

« Although they began as 'foreigners', the Hyksos quickly adopted the practices of the Egyptian kings they had overthrown, using Egyptian scribes to keep records in hieroglyphs, worshipping local gods and generally behaving like Egyptians. »
« Second, Egypt developed an important social class of scribes whose vocation was to master the complex Egyptian writing systems and to keep extensive records of almost every aspect of life, from religious rituals to mundane records. »
« It took years of training to learn to read and write hieroglyphs, training that was only given to scribes. »
« Thus, in societies like the Phoenicians, there was no need for a class of scribes, since even ordinary tradesmen could become literate. »
« Assyrian scribes collected and copied learning and literature from all over the Middle East. »
« The kings created a professional army, a caste of scribes and a bureaucracy. »
« An elite class of administrators occupied a social position similar to that of the ancient Egyptian scribes and were educated in Christianised versions of Greek and classical learning; a scholar named Photius produced an encyclopaedia of ancient Greek writings which is the only record of many texts that would otherwise have been lost forever. »
« After Sundiata's rule, the court converted to Islam, and Muslim scribes played a large role in administration and government. »

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