6 sentences with 'unfortunate'

Example sentences and phrases with the word unfortunate and other words derived from it.

« An unfortunate side effect of kings marrying their relatives was, not surprisingly, that there were many rather deranged and unhealthy Egyptian royals over the years, since royal lineages were, by definition, inbred. »
« Cynics believed that social conventions were unfortunate by-products of history that distracted people from the true source of virtue and happiness: nature. »
« This is both ironic and unfortunate, since the Ottoman Empire was the very model of a successful early state - modern, politically centralised, economically prosperous, and engaged not only in war but in an enormous amount of trade with other states, including to a large extent the states of Europe. »
« Cavour's plans for a united Italy led by Piedmont did not include the south, which like most northern Italians he despised. Thus, in a real sense southern Italy emerged as the unfortunate loser of the unification wars, even more so than Austria. »
« Every year an average of five or six corpses of unfortunate skiers and hikers who fell through the crevasses of the glacier 10, 20 or 30 years earlier turn up. »
« Sometimes, during dinner, he would get up from the table and start talking about his unfortunate experience. »

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