Sentences with 'vocation'

Example sentences and phrases with the word vocation and other words derived from it.

« Second, Egypt developed an important social class of scribes whose vocation was to master the complex Egyptian writing systems and to keep extensive records of almost every aspect of life, from religious rituals to mundane records. »
« The Church tried to encourage feudal lords to live according to Christian virtue, but the fact is that the vocation of the nobility, their very social role, was to fight, and therefore, all too often, "politics" was synonymous with "armed struggle" during the Middle Ages. »
« The feudal lords themselves presided over a rigidly hierarchical social and political system in which one's vocation was largely determined by birth, and the vocation of the nobility was clearly defined by the ownership of land and the waging of war. »
« The doctor's bank was still a long way off at the time, but Braw already knew that his vocation was to bring comfort to suffering people in the Third World. »

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