9 sentences with 'quintessential'

Example sentences and phrases with the word quintessential and other words derived from it.

« In short, the Hittites were the quintessential Bronze Age civilisation: militarily powerful, economically prosperous and connected through diplomacy and warfare with the other cultures and states of the time. »
« That same reading public also enthusiastically embraced the quintessential new form of eighteenth-century fiction: the novel, with novel-reading becoming an important leisure activity of the time. »
« Manchester, in the north of England, is the quintessential example of an industrial city. »
« The great symbol of the changes in food history brought about by the Industrial Revolution is that quintessential English invention: fish and chips. »
« The Frankfurt Congress was the quintessential expression of this form of dysfunction: passionate, educated men, mostly lawyers, with few direct links to the majority of the German population, despite the growing popularity of German nationalism. »
« Giuseppe Mazzini was the quintessential Romantic nationalist, someone who believed that nations would emerge organically to replace the tyranny of the old feudal order of conservative monarchs. »
« In turn, when Europeans began steaming through ports from Hong Kong to the Congo and claiming territories and trading privileges, the term "gunboat diplomacy" was invented, the quintessential example of which was Japan's unwilling concession to Western contact and trade, discussed below. »
« In Asia, something comparable happened, but on an even larger scale. In 1853, in the quintessential example of "gunboat diplomacy", a US naval admiral, Matthew Perry, forced Japan to sign a treaty opening it to contact with the West through thinly-veiled threats. »
« One of the quintessential modernist movements was Futurism. »
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