8 sentences with «quintessential»

« In short, the Hittites were the quintessential Bronze Age civilisation: militarily powerful, economically prosperous and connected through diplomacy and warfare with the other cultures and states of the time. »
« That same reading public also enthusiastically embraced the quintessential new form of eighteenth-century fiction: the novel, with novel-reading becoming an important leisure activity of the time. »
« Manchester, in the north of England, is the quintessential example of an industrial city. »
« The great symbol of the changes in food history brought about by the Industrial Revolution is that quintessential English invention: fish and chips. »
« The Frankfurt Congress was the quintessential expression of this form of dysfunction: passionate, educated men, mostly lawyers, with few direct links to the majority of the German population, despite the growing popularity of German nationalism. »
« Giuseppe Mazzini was the quintessential Romantic nationalist, someone who believed that nations would emerge organically to replace the tyranny of the old feudal order of conservative monarchs. »
« In Asia, something comparable happened, but on an even larger scale. In 1853, in the quintessential example of "gunboat diplomacy", a US naval admiral, Matthew Perry, forced Japan to sign a treaty opening it to contact with the West through thinly-veiled threats. »
« One of the quintessential modernist movements was Futurism. »
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