9 sentences with 'network'

Example sentences and phrases with the word network and other words derived from it.

« They claimed all of Uruk's economic production and trade network because the city's patron god "owned" the city, justifying the priesthood's control. »
« Both the Kassites and Assyrians were proud members of the diplomatic network of rulers that included the New Kingdom of Egypt and the Hittites (as well as smaller, less significant kingdoms in Canaan and Anatolia). »
« That said, most of the states involved in this network fell into ruin between 1200 and 1100 BC. »
« During the Bronze Age, the Minoans and Mycenaeans were two of the civilisations that formed part of the international trade and diplomatic network of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. »
« As trade recovered after the end of the Middle Ages, the Greeks re-established their commercial shipping network across the Mediterranean, and their colonies soon played a vital role. »
« However, in the late Roman Republic, a network of patrons and clients had emerged who largely controlled the government. »
« Once a kingdom converted to Christianity, it could consider itself a member of the network of civilised societies, enter into alliances and trade with other kingdoms, and receive official recognition from the emperor (who still exercised considerable prestige and authority, even outside areas of direct Byzantine control). »
« The important effect of these reconquests was trade; once again, Byzantium was at the centre of an international trade network that stretched across Europe and the Middle East. This greatly enriched Constantinople and its region, leading to a renaissance in construction and art. »
« Moreover, because Venice needed a peaceful trading network for its continued prosperity, it was the first power in Europe to rely heavily on formal diplomacy in its relations with neighbouring states. »

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